Catch up

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Wow it’s been ages since I updated my blog!

What have I been up to? Lots!

Busy with our new house, busy making, learning, craft fairs and changing jobs!

The house is coming on and the workshop has moved, I can now see the garden and the lovely flowers growing.

I’ve been working on a new collection, still in its early stage at the moment, I’m hoping it will develop. I have collected lots of skeleton petals from the Hydrangea, they are so delicate and beautiful.

Skeleton hydrangea petals

Once they are dry I put them through the rolling mill with the silver sheet, the pattern of the skeleton petal is pushed in to the silver leaving the delicate pattern on the silver sheet.

IMG_0051 (1)

Each earring is different, the skeleton petals are so delicate that they rarely survive another go through the rolling mill, meaning every piece is unique.

These earrings, along with other pieces in the collection can be found in my shop.