Flora Day!

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It’s now 2 days until my favourite day of the year, Flora Day! The people of Helston come together to celebrate the coming of spring in this ancient festival. I have never actually danced, I would love to but I always forget to apply (yes you have to apply!). The sound of the big bass drum always gets me, it lets you know that its Flora Day and is so loud it vibrates your insides!

As Flora Day approaches, the trees outside of my house blossom, they look beautiful and if the weather stays nice, the petals fall off and blow around the street on Flora Day which looks amazing. Unfortunately this year we are having some strong winds so they are blowing around now.

flowering trees Blossom on the trees


Flora Day Flags Here are the flags flying, ready for Flora Day.

There is always a practice for the band on the 1st of May at 6:30am and 7pm, many people come out to cheer them on and follow them around town and yes I was one of those crazy people at 6:30am! Here’s a few pictures of my early morning walk.

flora Day Big Drum Flora Day band practice